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albena emilova

2019-03-10 20:47:28 | Profile
Everything shut down including my heart

smit Shah

2018-11-17 19:56:21 | Profile
I meet a girl who i was and am dearly in lobe with . we lost our daughter back in december and since them we have split . this song remindes me so much of her

Jaqueline Pereira

2018-10-30 13:34:55 | Profile
song is still damn good

PlanetOf Versions

2018-10-15 21:00:44 | Profile
Worked ALOT OF SHOWS as a bouncer and HE was very nice to meet and TALK ABOUT A CONCERT HE PUT ON WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW.. I Love it HE KEEPS IT REAL COUNTRY MUSIC not the CRAP coming out NASHVILLE these days

lo lololo

2018-10-11 04:20:17 | Profile
In this video to damn sexy .omg

Meghan Hutflesz

2018-09-25 03:48:41 | Profile
I remember this song came out when I got divorced back in the day , from my ex-husband ,he was a cheater, lying to me all the time , drama everyday so i was finally able to let go of the past,pain myself

Паша Булай

2018-09-12 03:26:37 | Profile
Why am I listening to this while playing Minecraft?

andy mawditt

2018-08-30 10:32:04 | Profile
In 2006, i dated my friend/coworker from the past. I always thought he was awesome. However, i kept my feelings to myself. After our second month of dating, i, at the time was a huge fan of Gary Allen and heard his song come on the radio, as he was driving us home from a night of dancing. I began singing along and shortly after he (my friend), sang along and as he was driving we sang along and held hands. A moment i cherish so much, because he was the love of my life and the father to our son, this one song will always connect us, because i never stopped loving him.. this song takes me back to our special moment in time. :)

Jenipher Ruiz

2018-08-13 16:09:07 | Profile
Love THIS GUY!!!!!!!

joseph Ivernel

2018-08-09 04:27:02 | Profile
This is by far the coolest country video I ever seen. Trolling slow in a bass boat pure awesomeness!!!!


2018-08-07 22:40:18 | Profile
He needs to turn on that bilge pump lmao.