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shereeka emery

2018-12-19 08:23:38 | Profile
its shame that kind of artist needs to sing juts to get more money. poor public


2018-10-15 10:30:22 | Profile
Spare me! a waste of my time to watch!

Corey Bobo

2018-10-06 19:08:25 | Profile
I would love to see Andrea in concert. My heart is with you dear brother...

Ed Bartone

2018-09-27 04:52:10 | Profile
First time i heard your voice it was amazing and i repeat again and again.. Your voice and this song so click, and reminds me about romantic memories..


2018-09-27 03:39:36 | Profile
Wow, that should be pretty hard core, he just played the piano once to hear the note that he was playing and then the tune in the correct tone, more over the pianist was able to identify, I think, the song.

willy gallegos

2018-09-26 18:26:16 | Profile
I wonder what year this was..

Arthur Rios

2018-09-13 11:16:30 | Profile