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2018-12-15 22:45:01 | Profile
Going to sing this song at an open mic night for youth hope this song encourages them as much as it did fir me as a high school

Deborah McMullen

2018-11-22 15:42:04 | Profile
I could and I will listen to this song over and over againlove it so much so true

Younes Rifai

2018-10-20 23:20:23 | Profile
You look so beautiful in that dress

özge Lavigne

2018-10-19 16:33:43 | Profile
i remember doing a dance club in 3rd grade and we danced to this song and it was great

Dane Watt

2018-10-14 18:18:59 | Profile
i have never had a fav song but suddnly i do and it is this one i love it. it makes my heart so happy have a good day/night everybody

Mike Dark Grey

2018-10-03 16:57:15 | Profile
this has changed my life i love itso true my new motivation song love it


2018-09-25 21:33:09 | Profile
Bruh she looks like Meghan Trainor