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2019-04-29 03:27:54 | Profile
The coments are the worst part


2018-10-31 04:30:41 | Profile
So you think you can tell heaven from hell? can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail, and i aint even heard past the firt line ;)

Myriad Pro

2018-10-23 11:22:41 | Profile
A good friend of mine passed away a couple days ago. We used to sing this song almost every single day...R.I.P. JB....wish you were here

Pumpkin Head

2018-10-21 02:57:46 | Profile
I guess the only person i miss is Anthony bourdain. Its gonna be sad when i finish all his series no reservations. I know they murdered you buddy.

Lauren vile

2018-10-18 01:09:41 | Profile
The hardest part of addiction and getting out of it IMO is the passing of so many friends who had beautiful souls and were shorted in life. Wish you were here

Ben Basa

2018-10-14 23:40:48 | Profile
4 minutes before my birthday and I listen to this masterpeace...

daniel marcel

2018-10-10 20:44:23 | Profile
I am 1 lucky man "1973" was a good year I wAs born when this ALBUM came out n was introduced really early to this "MUSIC" boy did it hit me when I really listened to it n the rest is "HISTORY" it educated me n more ways than any1 could imagine

daze FN

2018-10-10 11:25:34 | Profile
Probably the greatest song ever written......

Daniele Gibson

2018-10-09 11:25:18 | Profile
i miss my dad. possibly the best dad in the world